Build your client list

Join 5000+ business owners that store their clients data with us!

Damn simple client card

Designed to fit all you need on single card, no distractions, no tabs, just data.
It's damn quick to read and very functional. Try it to see why we call it Excel and CRM killer.

You need sales, support, evidence, invoicing, client panel and more, not a problem!

Yes it's a list, but it's damn powerful list


You can customize list and client card however you want. Add fields, turn on/off modules, change views and much more

Excel friendly

You can import and export lists using Excel spreadsheets. Yes, you can easily transform your excel to a client list you can work with.

Email and SMS

Yes, you can send messages to your list members. It's simple, select people you want to send message to and click the button


Invite others to your lists and use it together! You can use it in your entire organization


Our API allow you to connect your current data source with your new client list. Build customized forms and add people to list


There is about 20 more options you can use for your list! Choose them wisely and please get rid of your excel file

Who uses our client lists

"I'm using it to store my clients in one place with files, notes and calendar entries"

John Jack
Sales team member

"I'm using very often the possibility to send email or sms in one simple click"

Katie Spacey
Caffe owner

"I'm runing business training company, list are working for me 100%!"

Danny Smith
Training company